Online Casinos in Hawaii in 2023: A Guide to Gambling in Hawaii

Hawaii may be a sanctuary on earth for numerous tourists from around the world. However, those who prefer gambling will not agree, as the state prohibits almost all forms of gambling. Even though the Hawaii law does not specifically mention participating at online casinos in the United States, we do not recommend doing so because the law could easily be expanded to include it.

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Hawaii was the last state to enter the union, specifically in 1959. Since then, it has become a firm preference among U.S. and international travelers alike. However, gambling is not a reason why individuals would travel to Hawaii. In fact, the state has one of the harshest prohibitions on gambling in the entire United States. At the time of writing, there are no land-based casinos in Hawaii. In addition, residents and guests are prohibited from participating in charitable gambling, pari-mutuel wagering, online gambling, and the state lottery. There are numerous hypotheses as to why Hawaii has laws that are similar to those of the more religious state of Utah, making gambling in Hawaii appear dismal. This topic is explored in greater depth below.

Legal Status Of Land-Based And Online Casinos In Hawaii

Hawaii has one of the most stringent and unwavering wagering laws in the United States. It is one of only two jurisdictions in the United jurisdictions whose laws prohibit all forms of gambling. The other state is ultra-religious Utah, where the influence of the Mormon Church has led to a total prohibition on gambling. As a result, residents and visitors of the Aloha State will not find any brick-and-mortar casinos and will be unable to participate in casino excursions. They cannot participate in pari-mutuel wagering on canine and horse races, Daily Fantasy Sports, or sports betting, either. The law also prohibits dogfighting, which is unquestionably a positive thing. In addition, it is unlawful in Hawaii to own gambling devices, such as slot machines, or to promote gambling in any way. No law permits charitable wagering, including bingo and online bingo. Even the state lottery, which is available in so many other states, is unavailable. Obviously, this does not imply that Hawaiians and visitors to the Aloha State have no desire to participate. In fact, numerous legislators in the most recent state to join the United States have attempted to legalize land-based gambling and establish systems comparable to those in Nevada and New Jersey. However, as evidenced above, all of these have thus far failed. There are numerous hypotheses as to why Hawaii has adopted this stance on gambling. Among these is the fact that Hawaii residents do not leave the state to wager in other states. After all, it is an island that is 2,000 miles from the mainland. In addition, no Indian tribes have advocated for the right to operate casinos on their land.

Regardless of the actuality, it is essential to remember that Hawaii law does not permit any form of wagering. Although, in 2016, the Special Assistant to the State Attorney General made it plain that lottery tickets from other states could be cashed and that state taxes would apply to any winnings. A minuscule spark of change that is igniting? Who can say? Similarly to many other states in the United States, Hawaii does not have a law that specifically permits or prohibits online wagering. Nevertheless, given Hawaii’s stance on gambling in general, we believe it would consider anyone discovered playing online in Hawaii to be in violation of the law. Regarding the future, little is known. However, experts frequently state that they would not be astonished if Hawaii legalized online gambling before land-based casinos.


Present-day Land-Based Gambling In Hawaii

Hawaii has adopted one of the harshest policies in the entire United States. This means there are no land-based casinos in Hawaii where residents and visitors can play their preferred casino games.

Online Gambling Laws In Hawaii


Practically all forms of wagering are expressly prohibited in Hawaii, making the gambling industry a simple one to comprehend. The list includes land-based casino gambling, pari-mutuel wagering on horse and canine races, sports betting, and even the state lottery. The only gray area in the law is online wagering, which is not explicitly mentioned in Hawaiian law. This does not, however, imply that it is not illegal. 712-1220 defines gambling as “staking or risking something of value on the outcome of a contest of chance or unpredictable future contingent event in order to receive something of value.” Given that illicit gambling in a Hawaii casino can result in a prison sentence, it is even more important not to take the risk. Though it must be acknowledged that the penalties for illicit gambling vary. Change occurs based on the amount wagered and the form of gambling engaged in. To conclude this section, our recommendation is to adhere strictly to the law. This applies whether you are a resident of Hawaii or a visitor to this sliver of paradise: do not gamble online at any Hawaii-based or offshore-based casino.


What should I know about Hawaii’s online casinos?

Although state law does not specifically prohibit online gambling at Hawaii casinos, it is safest to presume that it is prohibited based on the laws governing other forms of gambling.

Regarding gambling in Hawaii, the Aloha State has adopted one of the strictest positions. In fact, brick-and-mortar casinos, pari-mutuel wagering, the state lottery, and charitable bingo are all prohibited.

Some sources may indicate that it is possible to gamble at offshore casinos while in Hawaii. We do not recommend this because you may place yourself, your rights, your finances, and your data at risk.

Offline social wagering is permitted, but subject to certain restrictions. All players must begin on an equal footing, no player may receive anything of value for participating or winning, the event cannot take place in a public place such as a hotel or bar, all participants must be at least 18 years old, and the event cannot be used for bookmaking (712-1231).

What Hawaii’s Offshore Casino Gambling Laws Mean For Hawaii Players

Because gambling in Hawaii is so restricted — literally nothing is legal — many may believe that turning to offshore casinos is an effective method to circumvent the law. Offshore casinos, for those unfamiliar, are online casinos that are registered in offshore jurisdictions where online gambling is lawful. These locations may include the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Malta, Curacao, casinos in the United Kingdom, and even other U.S. states. There are numerous reasons why Hawaiians should not gamble in offshore casinos. It includes the possibility that the laws in these countries are vastly different from those in your native country. Consequently, you and your state are impotent if something goes wrong. In addition, not all online casinos take the necessary precautions to protect your money, your rights, and your personal information. In addition, if you are discovered doing so in the state of Hawaii, you may very well be in violation of the law, which is punishable by imprisonment. In light of this, we advise never gambling at offshore-registered casinos while in Hawaii.


Hawaii Online Casino Games

Residents and visitors of Hawaii are unable to play online casino games. In fact, Aloha State prohibits residents and visitors from playing casino games in land-based establishments. There are no physical casinos in the state of Hawaii. Even offline social wagering is subject to restrictions. This includes the requirement that all participants begin on equal footing. No participant is awarded anything for participating or winning. Additionally, this is never done in public places such as hotels and pubs. None of the participants is younger than the age of majority. (under 18). The event does not constitute a bookmaking activity (712-1231). In other words, residents and visitors of the Aloha State are prohibited from playing their beloved online casino games. This includes poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, craps, bingo, pai gow, and the remaining games.


Banking Options At Online Casinos In Hawaii

Since there is a blanket prohibition on gambling in Hawaii, we have no information about casinos in Hawaii, including payment methods. If you are out-of-state and in a jurisdiction that permits online gambling, you should examine the online casino’s website to ensure that the payment options and currencies accepted match your preferences. Alternately, you can find this information in our casino evaluations.


Online Hawaii Casino FAQs

Is online gambling permissible in Hawaii?

Hawaii prohibits all forms of gambling, including land-based casinos, pari-mutuel wagering on horse and canine racing, the state lottery, charitable gambling, and sports betting. Even though the law in Aloha State does not specifically mention online Hawaii casinos, this is the reason why online wagering is permitted. The safest assumption is that online gaming from within the state is also prohibited. We also do not recommend circumventing the law by gambling at offshore casinos. Gambling unlawfully in Hawaii carries severe penalties, including imprisonment, and the current law is flexible enough to be extended to online gambling if prosecutors so choose.


Can I gamble at an online casino in Hawaii using my smartphone or tablet?

No, mobile casinos do not allow casino games to be played offline, online, or on mobile devices such as laptops, notebooks, mobile phones, or tablets. In Hawaii, it is unlawful to possess anything related to gambling, including gambling devices and records, and this could easily extend to mobile devices if they are used for such deeds.


What casino activities are available at online casinos in Hawaii?

Sadly, none, as gambling is entirely prohibited in Hawaii. The only way Hawaiians and visitors to the Aloha State can play their favorite casino games is offline in a social (i.e. for no money) context. However, this cannot be done in any business establishment or public place, cannot be done for monetary gain or in exchange for prizes or goods, all participants must be adults (18+), and the activity cannot be a bookmaking event.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

No currency, including dollars or virtual currencies, may be used to participate at any online Hawaii casino. If, however, you are located outside of the United States and in a jurisdiction that allows legal online gambling, we recommend checking the website’s information section to determine what currencies are accepted and what deposit and withdrawal methods are available. There are numerous websites to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate one that meets your needs.


Are the online casinos in Hawaii listed on this site regulated?

All online casinos listed on this site are guaranteed to be legal and regulated, as well as to have safeguards in place to secure your money, personal information, and legal rights. Given that gambling is entirely prohibited in Hawaii, we obviously do not mention any casinos on this page.


Am I qualified for an online casino incentive at Hawaii Casino?

Unfortunately, gambling is entirely illegal in Hawaii. Free slots, welcome bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses can only be redeemed when playing online, which is against Hawaii law. If you are outside of Hawaii and in a location that allows visitors and residents to play online, you should search around for the best casino bonuses available. However, it is essential to always read the fine print, as not all incentives are as advantageous as they may initially appear.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s gambling laws are so stringent that they prohibit essentially all forms of gambling. This includes land-based casinos, charitable gambling, state lotteries, and pari-mutuel wagers on horse and dog competitions. Therefore, it is safe to state that online casino gambling in Hawaii is also illegal. Therefore, there is no means for Aloha State residents or visitors to do so.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Hawaii?

There is a prohibition on all forms of gambling, so there are none. Hawaii’s gambling laws are indeed among the most stringent in the United States, second only to Utah’s.


In Hawaii, am I required to pay taxes on my wagering winnings?

Yes. Although Hawaii does not permit any form of wagering within its borders, it continues to tax gamblers who win in other states. Since 2009, Hawaiian gamblers returning home are taxed not only on their winnings but also on their entire wager. This means that if you won $5,000 and lost $4,000 on the same journey (resulting in a $1,000 profit), you will be taxed on the full $5,000. These duties also apply to citizens who purchase winning lottery tickets in another state.


Be Responsible and Obey the Law If You Want to Play at an Online Hawaii Casino!

We trust this has clarified your questions about gambling in Hawaii and Hawaii online casinos. Always abide by the laws of the jurisdiction you are in, and never risk more than you can afford to lose. In light of this, best of success in gambling and in life!

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